Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Collage meets Fabric thru Printing

Yesterday I took a class on photo manipulation thru Photoshop Elements and Printing on Fabric.   We started cutting out pictures from magazines and assembling them into collages on "playing cards".   There were many size cards, but it was a challenge to work in something that small.   From there we scanned our creations into photoshop elements, played with some filters and then printed onto fabric.

This is my finished creation - the fabric is 44 inches wide and we printed onto a yard of fabric.   I have two smaller ones to practice some quilting ideas.

This was my original collage - 2 simple pictures - the swirly background picture and a cutout of the bird of paradise flower.

This was after I played in Photoshop by changing the colors, the saturations, and using the liquify distorting filter.   That was so much fun.   The actual fabric has a lot of "liquid" or "marble" effects - hence the name liquify.   Maybe it has a Little Shop of Horros feeling to it.   I haven't decided the final orientation of the fabric as looking at it different ways, conjurs up different ideas.

For reference sake - this is the size of the printer - lovingly nicknamed "the beast".  The fabric is 44 inches wide.


  1. It was so cool! I love your print. I can't wait to see mine.

  2. Awesome! print all print which post by you is very lovely , thanks for share these prints