Friday, August 10, 2012

Stony Brook State Park

This week we went to Stony Brook State Park, about an hour south of Batavia, NY, to walk the gorge and climb the stairs on the edge of the gorge.

 I like photographs of stone bridges - especially the curved under part of the bridge.   I especially like the way the light plays through the leaves and lands on the water and rocks.
 One of the water falls.
 Every year the orange lichen is present and there are random green leaves sticking out from the wall crevices.   I have done a quilt on this theme before - depicting the lichen contrasting with the green leaves.
 I know I was in the water, taking a picture of the texture of the rocks in the water below me.   But I don't remember such a contrasting black part before.   I see a silhouette of a young girl....I kind of like it.
 Driftwood in the water.
 I was bending over taking a picture of the swirly color in the rocks in the water.   The shadow is just interesting to me.
 More driftwood in the water.   All the textures are what I like.
 My husband took this picture along side the wall.   As you can see, we are often more intrigued with the rocks and trees and leaves than the water and waterfalls.
I have been reading a blog where the author has a theme on "Where I stand" (not sure of exact wording).   Anyway - the final picture is where I most enjoyed standing - in the water, sloshing thru the water, being very careful not to slip on the rocks.

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