Saturday, October 6, 2012

Guys and Dolls...or...a Quilter Goes to Broadway!

Most of my friends who read this know that I was a musician first and foremost - before a quilter or a gardener!    And so, this is what I'm up to right now!!!!

Yup, I'm in a show........again!   My husband and I used to do this all the time!   For years we took part in almost all of the community theater plays done locally.   Then - life changed - the shows changed and we didn't do them.   In the past few years, attendance at the Rotary Club musical productions has suffered and so this will be the last show.   In order to "go out with a bang", they resurrected an old show we did 21 years ago and invited back as many as did it then, as could do it now.   I would say a good 80% of the cast is back.

What fun we are having!!!!   My husband will recreate "Nicely Nicely Johnson" and I am in the mission band - General Cartwright - head of the Salvation Army!!!!

Come and see us - you won't be disappointed!!!

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