Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guys and Dolls........finally it is time for the show!

This week is all about the Rotary Club musical production my husband and I are in.....Guys and Dolls.   We used to do musical productions every year - sometimes twice a year.   But, life changed and so did our interests.   This will be the last ever musical production for this club so they brought back many of the favorites from years past and recreated Guys and Dolls based on those of us in the show 21 years ago.   21 years is a LONG time I'm discovering.   But now that the show is here - it will be fun........and off we go!!!!!
 The Oldest Established, Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York.   (The Rotary Club has used this photo of mine as their cover page for the advertising for the show)

 Mark Ross (aka my husband),  as Nicely Nicely Johnson, (and friends) sing Fugue for Tinhorns.   This is the same role he did 21 years ago.
Me, as General Cartwright, telling Sarah and Sky that we are closing this branch of the mission.

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  1. great pictures! I look forward to seeing the play this weekend!