Sunday, November 11, 2012

L'Autumno - now completed!

This is my latest quilt - now completed and ready to be handed over to show organizers for entry next year.  This was completed for a RAFA (Rochester Area Fibre Arts) challenge called "Nature Behind Bars"!

I had an original photo I took at Longwood Garens in West Chester, PA printed onto cotton fabric by Julie Brandon of  I then printed a portion of music reflecting Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" - specifically the movement called "Autumn" onto organza which was overlaid and quilted into the picture.  The photo represents "nature" - the music represents "bars"!   The idea is that the music fades down into the picture portion of the quilt.   You can see specific detail of the music below...

This is the original photo that I took last year at Longwood Gardens.