Monday, November 5, 2012

ArtCGirlz - 2nd Art Quilt Group show at the Arts Council in Batavia, NY

2 years ago, our newly formed art quilt group in Batavia, the ArtCGirlz, presented their first show to the public.   We were 5 members strong.  Now we have grown to 11 members and this morning we hung our second show which will be up during November and December!   Here are some overall pictures.
This hangs a bit wonky - but is truly represenational of a group project that 4 of us finished.   Each person took a small segmentof a photo of their choosing and enlarged it to 8 x 8 and mounted on upholstery fabric.  Mine is on the bottom and is taken from a photo of the ceiling light on the Carnival cruise ship in September 2010.

 The end wall - two of the girls did the same quilt - in their own colors.   I love them both.

 Kathi Everett did more book pages which hang in a row on the left.   Mary Ellen's Carnival horse is one of my favorites.  Mary Lee and I both did leaves.

 This one is mine - Alice in Wonderland Goes To the Tea Party.   This is from our Round Robin challenge - I handed off a piece of snow dyed fabric and 6 different members in our group took turns adding their own embellishment ideas.   I did not see it again until they were all done.   I added stencil painted flowers around the edge and the quilting  - also flowers.
 The bottom one - also mine - The Edge of the Gorge - Stony Brook.   Threadpainted leaves and lots of orange beads to represent lichen.

These 2 are mine.   The top one is a depiction from a photo of an Oakleaf Hydrangea taken at Genesee Country Village.   Love the leaf colors on that plant.  I used hand dyed and painted fabrics, along with paper and transparent leaves.  

The bottom one has been on my blog before - Bermuda - The View from the Ship!

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