Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quilt Guild Christmas Party - Stockings, Poinsettias and Barn Quilts

Yesterday was my guild Christmas party.   I am president of my guild and we had a lot of business to do as we had to cancel our November meeting when there was no power in the VA building.  

The VA had appropriately decorated the room for us!

My friend Kathi ran a secret santa stocking exchange.  My good friend Melanie Watson drew my name and this is the stocking she made for me.  I LOVE IT!.    I love it mostly because it is obvious she put a lot of hard work into it to personalize it and make it mine! (Well, there is a lot of purple in it.)

We also welcomed Marija Vujcic who showed us how to make prety poinsettia favors for our gifts or ornaments for our tree.

My friend Martha did this quilt for show and tell.........isn't it cute....such a good play on Wizard of Oz!

Barn quilts are all the rage now - mostly they have always been large quilt blocks, made of wood and put on the side of a barn.   My friend Tracy and her family has a business and they started making smaller ones - these are 24 inches by 24 inches.   Here are two of the first ones they have done.  I love it!   I've got my block all picked out and I think there is room on the peak of my house for a small one like this!!!

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