Monday, January 7, 2013

Blog Posting Frustration

For whatever reason, my blog site will not seem to let me upload pictures from my photo album.   No clue as to why......the usual buttons are not there to access.

I have no pictures really, because although I have been working very intently on a quilting piece, I can't show it until the guild challenge is due on the 19th of this month.   I'm all but done (sleeve & label) which is really early for me to be done 2 weeks ahead of time.

The title of the challenge is "literature" - we can use anything from a book - cover, photo, scene, title, printed passage - pretty wide open challenge.   The evening of the day it was announced, a friend of mine posted about a book on Facebook - I had never heard of.   But, I liked the title and I set out to find it - which was no small feat since it is out of print.   But, I did find it, and I have pretty much been able to accomplish what I envisioned!!!!!

Now, if I can ever get this Blog (or perhaps my computer) to will someday see pictures.

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