Friday, April 12, 2013

6 x 6 mini quilt for ROCO fundraiser

This is actually a repost of a mini quilt from the other day.   I just have a better picture of it.

I made this for the 6 x 6 2013 fundraiser for the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.   You can see more information at  Last year they collected over 4000 entries from all around the world.   They do post them online at some point and it is fun to watch (hopefully) the "sold" sticker appear next to your name.

My quilt was done in the Ann Brauer technique of using small 1/4 inch strips.   There is yarn and beading across the middle (the horizon of the water) and larger beads on the bottom (the beach).   Hence it is called "On the Beach".

Whether it sells or not - it was fun trying this technique.

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