Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ann Brauer Technique

In our ArtCGirlz group, one of our members has been experimenting with the 1/4 inch strip technique of Ann Brauer.   She decided to teach us how to do it at our meeting in March.   We were supposed to do it in "taupes" with an accent strip.   As you can probably tell - I guess I don't "get" taupe.   But, I do like color and so did a little more with the turquoise accent.   I wanted to try the celtic quilting tip of Diane Gaudynski so did that on a background quilt of "what else?" but purple.   Then I layered the smaller quilt on top.   I like the contrast of circles and stripes.

 This is the finished quilt.

 The smaller piece - completed 1/4 inch strips.

 Examples of background quilting

A row of beads across the purple stripes for accent.   Not sure if it really needs it or not, but also....doesn't hurt I don't think.   I am currently enthralled with the possibilities for this and am looking to try it again....maybe a little larger quilt.

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