Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beautiful autumn day.....more Letchworth Park pictures

It was a gorgeous day for a drive today.   I went on a hunt for more pictures of the trestle bridge in Letchworth Park.   There is talk of outting a new bridge for the trains, which could mean this one will be gone, or at least obstructed with a new one beside or near it.

This is the infamous shot from the infamous vantage point.   Almost everyone has a photo from this angle.

Further up the hill we saw one of the rare trains that cross the bridge now.   It was a long one and we never did see the end of it.   A really close look will show the conductor waving at us.

I'm always interested in lines and geographic shapes they make and find the structure of the bridge very interesting.

I was riding along with my husband on insurance claims and at one of the house se saw this guy,   I think he know "his time of the year" is near, and even closer if you are in Canada.

Rushford Lake was also pretty with lots of low lying clouds.


  1. You went to some of my fav places! Great pix. I can't wait to see if they show up in some of your art quilts! :-)

  2. They will, Emmy, there are already plans in the works!