Monday, October 7, 2013

Beginnings of new landscape quilt - Letchworth Park

This is my picture......I want to interpret this in fabric.   First I tried to have it printed but the pixels and size wouldn't enlarge in correct proportion so it ended up very blurred, washed out and basically unuseable.

So, I decided to take the photo, enlarge to 10 x 14, mark the areas of the photo with a Sharpie Marker, flip the paper over and take the tracing from the front side so it was on white paper, divide the paper in half and scan into my computer and then reverse the scan so it was the correct orientation, divide each half into equal thirds, enlarge each third to approximately 8 x 10 and then print out the 6 8 x 10 sections to simulate the approximate size of the quilt  (when all are pasted together).   There had to have been an easier way - but in my little studio, on my computer and printer - this was the best I could do.   Now I will look for fabrics, trace once again on some sort of fusible and/or freezer paper and being my creation.   The trees, water etc. don't seem so daunting - but how I will do the trestle remains to be seen.  

To show what I've done - here are a couple of examples of what was scanned into my computer and enlarged.

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