Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trip to Letchworth State Park.....looking for color,

Today was an absolutely awesome perfect weather day in western New York.   The leaves are turning, but aren't at peak quite yet.   Here are a few of only 268 photos I took today!    Some of my favorites while looking for color!

The Middle Falls

Upper Falls....a different angle than I usually photograph.   Might be my favorite

The dam at the Mt. Morris entrance,   Some of us remember the great flood in 1972 when the water came within inches of spilling over the top.   Amazing to think about but pretty frightening then.

I managed to get a rainbow at the fountain at the Glen Iris Inn,

Love the color in this,

Wolf of my favorite spots.

The trestle bridge....perhaps an inspiration for a "lines and angles" quilt challenge.

The brave soul on the bridge today.   This is, by the way, illegal.

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