Monday, October 20, 2014

The party is over.......Quilt Show is now History

This past weekend the Museum Quilt Guild hosted its Stitches in Time 2014 quilt show.   It was a busy, hectic, time consuming weekend and I wouldn't change a thing!!!!  I love being in the mix and spending time with all my friends who share the same passion I do.   I will post some photos - but there are many more.

This was my overall view of the show as I sat at the raffle quilt ticket table most of the time.   It was also the view as you walked in the door.   This brown quilt - "Southwest Heritage Quilt" made by Becky Nichols, was one of my most absolute favorites.   I'm not a brown person at all, but something about the colors and patterns and southwestern flavor just drew me in.   Sadly, she told me it already has a home!
This was the best of show done by Jean Butzer.   She calls it "Using up my Stash" - and yet she says there still seems to be a stash in her closet.   Jean does exquisite miniature work.

This was our guild raffle quilt - won by "Judy" from Akron,, NY.  

This is the first of my award winners - "Subtly Christmas".   It won best piecing on a small quilt.   Since it is a Round Robin Row project in our guild, I share this award with 4 friends.   I made 3 of the rows, they made the others and I put it all together in this layout - and just a simple sashing and binding.   I designed it to "say" Christmas, not "scream" Christmas.

My next winner - "Best Visual Impact".   One of my favorites based on a story about two girls - one had butterflies for hair and one had bottlecaps for hair.   Neither one realized how beautiful they were.   I used REAL bottlecaps in this one and lots of appliqued butterflies and butterfly pins and buttons.

Inflorescence was a "Judges Winner" for me.   This was the result of a digital collage class done by my friend Julie Brandon  of Red-Dog Enterprises.  She also printed the photo onto fabric and then I quilted and embellished with beads.

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  1. Congratulations on all your awards! You do beautiful work - how very creative!