Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New kitchen .... Sort of

We are in the process of "renewing" or "reviving" our kitchen.   When we moved here it was stuck in the 50s.   The walls were papered......with what appeared to be bedroom paper.    Light, pastel green flowers on the bottom and white on top, with bigger flowered borders,    The split was too high up.   There was an old 40 inch avocado green stove, a white refrigerator and white linoleum flooring,    The cabinets while not modern, are in good shape and the finish on all of them is really good....so they are staying.   New countertops, new flooring and stainless steel appliances have been added.

Little by little we have worked on it.   The walls are the final step for now.   Because it was wallpaper, poorly adhered, and perhaps layered over other wallpaper, it was problematic as to how to proceed,   After many conversations we decided to go with paintable wallpaper.   We really didn't want more wallpaper, so were presented with this option.   We can paint it, like we wanted to on the walls and if we change our mind in a few years as to color, this will allow us to reprint without creating a whole new surface.

This wqs our kitchen a week ago before starting the walls......

This is the primer so the green is gone.....

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have new pictures....new wall color...our final step.


  1. And will there be a touch of purple?

  2. More than a "touch" - stay tuned!

  3. I am having kitchen envy. It was on our list for after Christmas to do the same!