Sunday, November 30, 2014

Commission Quilts.....good or bad?

I rarely do commission quilts.   I have never wanted my hobby or passion to be for money...generating undue pressure to be sure I'm completing someone else's vision.   To me, that could kill the fun and enjoyment.   That being said I have done a few and they have been more successfully received than I feared,   

Thus, my latest one came to me during our recent quilt show.   I almost said No, but set the request aside until the "busy-ness" of the show was done,   When it was over I was creatively stuck and figured finding and following a pattern might be what I needed to do.  The requester wanted a Christmas tree a gift for her sister.   I was given free reign as to color, pattern and fabrics.   More pressure!  I never know how to charge....feeling probably this was easily double in time etc. than what I charged,   But she was a friend of my daughter, said she loves everything she had seen me post on Facebook....and therefore the final impetus ...."the gold star on the forehead".  

She loved it....said her sister loved it.....and so very successful.