Saturday, July 25, 2015

Daylilies continue to bloom

I have had a deer problem....everyone knows that ad nauseum by now.   I have sprayed and that has helped most of the plants.....except one Orange daylily that I bought last year.   It is huge and called "Primal Scream".   It lives up to its name as it is gorgeous,   It has varying colors from yellow to gold to orange to red to a reddish pink. 

I was getting buds, but then they were half gone, apparently eaten by the deer, even with spray.   So this week I started to tie netting around the blooms.   Lo and behold, this bloom today, is the third one I have had.   There are at least 6 more buds so I continue to wrap every night and unwrap in the morning,   A small price to pay for such gorgeous flowers,   

This one yielded 3 flowers as it is a new plant from a friend, this year.   Same thing..,,tied netting around them.

This is my purple Stella d'ora Lily,   I have had the yellow variety for years,   This is my second year of the purple plant,

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  1. A purple Stella d'ora . . I never knew! Your pix are pretty. So far, the deer have not found me, but I have very run-of-the-mill lilies. Your deer are more epicurean! ;-)