Sunday, January 24, 2016

Architecture......Quilt Guild Challenges Revealed

Every year our guild does a challenge which then hangs in the Richmond Library gallery during the month of February,   This year's theme was "architecture" which could be interpreted in an art quilt or with a traditional block such as "log cabin".  Every year we get the next theme in March, but most everyone is hurriedly finishing in the weeks following Christmas,

I chose to do a, what I thought was, simple design.   My idea was perspective such as hallway arches or doorways,   It was anything but simple and involved a lot of math which meant measuring and remeasuring.   I am mostly happy with the results........always a couple of things we would change isn't there?   I found this mottled batik at the fabric store which was referred to as "glaze frosting" but I thought it looked like stonework! The fabric choices and quilting were deliberately kept simple to allow the idea of perspective to be the main focus.