Saturday, January 23, 2016

Camera Challenges

I am currently enrolled in a photography course which is giving weekly challenges.   This week the challenge was a window.   The weather is cold and the snow is here and getting out and about is difficult for this Raynaud's sufferer......let alone getting time to set up a tripod and play with camera settings.    I am really looking forward to doing these challenges in warmer weather.    However, I did go down to our local library parking lot and do some focusing on the church across the street.    I have always loved this window design and it was the first one I thought of.   This week we were allowed to do a minimum of editing which made it even more fun.   Although I have power lines (which in the future could be erased by editing) I am happy with the way this looks.  I think the reflections are cool and would love to play more with them also.