Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sacred Threads Quilt Show

These two quilts have been on display for the past 3 weeks at the Sacred Threads Show  in Herndon, VA.   The show was created by Vikki Pignatelli as a "safe place" to tell your story.   I am so honored to be part of this show.   It is a juried show for entrance, but it is not a judged show.   The show is entirely about the "stories".   For sure the techniques are excellent and there is much to examine and contemplate as to how they told their story.....but you have to read every label and every label is more compelling than the one before it, it seems.   Also, I am honored that one of my quilts will be part of the 36 out of 300 chosen to travel for the next two years.

"Despair...and Hope".    This is the journey of a person with depression.    One who sits at the bottom of the well unable to get out and one who on better days, does climb that tree to the light.   This is the one that will travel.

  "Standing Tall" is from a photo of my watercolor orchid, printed on fabric.    Together with the previous quilt the following quote is appropriate:     "Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were......."

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