Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Journey of a fern leaf......wet cyanotype

So my old Blogger App has failed me,    Have downloaded a new one.....with of course a new learning curve......let's see how this goes!

I have been playing with some Wet cyanotype sheets......a process I read about on blog by Sue Reno.    I had some older various treated sheets and decided to try it out.  This is a Jacquard Sheet.   It seems to be heavily treated sateen.   This is the best of the Jacquard sheets I have gotten thus far.
    This was how it started......around 9:00 AM.   Fern leaf on slightly misted canvas.   Ready to sit outside and bake in the sun.

        A little later in the day
    24 hours later before washing.

     Rinsed and ready to dry.
      Fully dried.  

This is a total 36 hour process

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