Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winter Solstice 

Created from my wet cyanotypes pieces done last year.   These pieces were really "ice"cyanotype as I tried the process on a 10 degree day.    I brought in ice, which sat and melted into a pool of water, so I was skeptical as to what I would get.   However, once rinsed and dried, the transfer of greenery was there.   

Below are the individual blocks. This first of the blocks used a flower from my amaryllis plant.   When I brought it in, it was very dreamy and muted.    This was my result,   Since it was slightly pink originally, I quilted it with variegated pink thread and added some pink beads,  the next two are houseplant leaves.    All in all, a very fun and interesting process.  I have many more to play with from those I did last summer.  

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  1. I bought the chemicals, now I have to give this a try!