Saturday, March 3, 2018

Silk Fusion

I have been watching several friends in my art group RAFA (find us on Facebook - rafa-rochester area fiber artists) exploring the process of silk fusion.   Hoping I remembered most of what they said, I decided to try the technique.   I purchased the silk roving fibers, textile medium, screening and set to work.    Of course, my experiment would have to be purple.   

The silk fibers look like this when they arrive....

After spreading and smoothing them across screening, I placed an identical sized screen on top and wet all the fibers with soapy water.    After being sure the fibers are thoroughly wet, I brushed the textile adhesive medium across the screen letting it sink into the fibers.   Flip the screen over and repeat,    Then you let it drive and wait for the magic,    After removing both pieces of screening this is what I got.

    It's a large textured piece of fiber....much like paper.

Now you are only limited by your imagination.   I chose to apply some fusible web and cut shapes to create a couple of pieces.  


I purchased my supplies and used the instructions at Treenway Silks.  You can also find YouTube videos showing the process.   I am hooked enough now that I bought some more colors to play with.    Can't wait for the, to arrive.  

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  1. Oh, Elaine! I love this! What a cool process and your pieces are beautiful!