Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cloth/Paper/Scissors Flag

My flag for the Cloth/Paper/Scissors Magazine "Create" Challenge.   The base is purple sparkly felt with blue fabric adhered to it.   The butterfly is stencil painted in 3 colors with an angelina fiber bead for the body and 2 sawarski crystals on the antannae.  The lettering is from a "scrapbooking" alphabet and the purple embellishments at the top are from India, courtesy of my friend Priscilla Kibbee who brought them back from her travels.

It's much simpler than many people will do - but it says it all for me.   Purple is my favorite color, the butterfly is my favorite graphic to use in many different forms.....and it does personify "create".   Simple and uncluttered is the way I prefer to work.

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