Thursday, June 10, 2010


On day when several of my art quilt group had lunch together at Applebees, we commented that since you can make art from anything, we should make something from our receipts.   Apparently Elaine was the only one who took the challenge seriously.   Anyway, this is my finished product!  Strips of fabric cut on the curve were woven together and then the receipt was "gessoed" on top.   I got a bit too much gel medium on the whole piece so it is shiny and "pasty" in spots.......but I still like it.  After reading an article about how people were inspired to make an art quilt out of what was in their car and someone had a "fast food quilt", I thought I should finish it.   Two layers of rick rack around the edge finished it off.  If you look closely, you will see that the buttons spell out the name of the restaurant!!!   Pretty cool, huh!

The newest flowers in my gardens - the lilies have started to open.   Aren't they gorgeous.  

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