Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Bye To a Friend

A friend of mine in the RAFA group and our small QA group is moving away - to Texas.   I haven't gotten to know her all that well, but she asked each of us in the small QA group to make a page for a book she is compiling - to remind her of us.   I struggled with this - not knowing her all that well, not being able to interpret what I wanted in fabric...........and missing her good-bye party last Thursday.   I finally finished today (the 3rd attempt) and I like it best.   It says what I want her to know about me.

This is a sheet of scrapbooking paper
which I fused to a sheet of stiff peltex.
The paper is gorgeous and references
 happy moments of friends and family.

I told her first of all that purple is my favorite
color - referenced by the color of the sheet
and of the pen I used to write my good-bye.

  I said that I was a trained musician - piano.   I made the treble clef sign by making a stencil and then sponging copper lumiere paint onto an orange butterfly fabric.   (That fabric was to be my initial piece or page, but it just didn't work. 

I love butterflies - no surprise to anyone who knows me.      

In my art quilts, I am drawn to nature.   The small copper colored piece at the bottom says "Memories".  

I am happy with this, now that it is finished.

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