Sunday, January 22, 2012

Purple Carnival Mask

So, yesterday was the reveal for our Quilt Guild Challenge - this year's theme is "Carnival"!   What an amazing group of quilts revealed and will now hang in our local library.  I was blown away by some of them - almost all of them.   As usual, there were no two alike although carousel and mask seem to pop up quite often.   This year we decided not to have them judged and it's a good thing - how would a judge ever pick from all of the wonderful entries.   Sure, you could start nit-picking over techniques and how good they were - but it really would spoil the whole idea that was put forth in this challenge.   I think I liked almost all of them better than mine, but in actuality, I'm very happy with my entry!!

Detail of eye showing thread painted eyelashes, crystals and music symbols.
Above the eye - showing more beaded detail, threadwork and crystals.


  1. gorgeous quilt that has Elaine written all over it...and looks like you!

  2. I wonder how many of us liked all of them better than our own?

  3. Oh, knowing the people that I hang around with......I would guess "most of us!"