Sunday, January 15, 2012

Secrets, secrets & more secrets!

As it turns out, it seems I'm always in the midst of projects that I can't reveal when I finish them.  This first one I can.

This is a small one I'm working on:

I call it "swirling leaves" far.   The center was a gelatin plate transfer.   Paint was applied to gelatin (basically) and then the fabric was laid over top and the paint was transferred.   I saw leaves I guess because that is what I did with free motion stitching.   Next paintsticks were used to give further dimension and definition to the leaves.  I used dyna-flo to make the blue water and some green dabs here and there to reflect trees!   I quilted it in a swirl design and am adding 3 dimensional leaves and beads.   Where it goes from anyone's guess!!!
On the subject of secret pieces,   first off is our guild challenge - "Carnival".   I thought long and hard about this, had a few ideas, but in the end the one I picked surprised me as it was not on the horizon when I first started thinking about it.  It's just a fun piece.....and best of all IT IS FINISHED!!!   We will reveal the at guild on Saturday, so I can share then.

We have also started a round robin project in our ArtCGirlz group.  We each picked a piece of fabric or small quilt to pass between members for each person to add their own creativity to it.   I forgot to take a picture of mine in its "naked" state.   Lori has mine first and she is a photographer, so I think I'll ask her if she minds - just a quick picture for my records. 

My first go around comes from Chris Kuehl.

This is a McKenna Ryan fabric.   She said it reminds her of water, sand, marsh.   I think she is right.   I see marshy reeds etc.
More of the fabric she included....can be added if we so desire.

I have a couple of ideas, nothing firm yet.

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