Friday, January 27, 2012

Swirling Leaves

This will be my entry for the RAFA Arts Council Show in Rochester in March.
It's a small piece - only 12 x 12.   I'm still undecided as to whether it will hang on the wall, or if I will mount it to a canvas frame to sit in a picture stand.   The show is titled "Off The Wall" and they are hoping for some dimensional, free standing work.   If I can figure how to do it, this should qualify.

I started this well over a year ago in our small QA Study Group.   We were working with paint transfer from a gelatin plate.   After that, we stitched "what we saw from the transfer" - you can see that I saw leaves in mine.   Then we highlighted them further with artist paintsticks - in my case, mostly lumiere paintsticks.   There are 3 of the dimensional thread painted leaves.   After that I dyed some cheesecloth for texture and floated some leaf beads on the cheesecloth.  The background was also painted to look like water, reflecting sky and trees above.

Thread painted leaves

Dyed Cheesecloth with leaf beads.

Closeup of the stitched and painted leaves.

Now, if I can get it to sit in the stand - all will be good!!!

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