Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Really...... I Went to Bermuda"!

This is a quilt - a traditional pattern called "Mango Tango".   I did it all in bright batiks and the real fun was selecting a different quilting pattern for each fabric.   I believe I had about 10 different fabrics.  A couple of them got the ripply water design, but the rest were all different.  All my quilting is free motion, done on a domestic machine, no stitch regulator.  Call me weird, but I actually prefer it that way!

I'm not the most adventuresome traveler, so after coming home from Bermuda, I wanted to do this quilt to portray all the bright colors we saw there.   I added the blue for water and green for land - to "calm it down".   Hence the name of the quilt.

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