Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Jersey Quiltfest

Last weekend I had the fun opportunity of viewing the Tri-State Quiltfest in New Jersey.   Two of my friends from RAFA were winners there and one of my friends was also a winner in the Mid Atlantic Quiltfest show and her quilt was on display at this show.   My biggest thrill was in being the person who told them they were winners.   They had not heard and it was fun for me to discover this.

 This quilt is done by my friend Julie Brandon.   I'm not sure the exact wording on the quilt so I won't try to tell it all, but it is the story of her Grandmother.   This was a "Best Interpretation of Theme" winner in the MidAtlantic Show.

The story of her Grandmother continues on the back.   There was so much interest in the back that a docent was stationed there to show people.   Very special honor to have its own "docent".
This quilt is called "Engima", done by Julie Brandon (again) and Val Schultz.   Julie manipulated the photo of ice on the bay in the winter, and Val (an EXPERT Machine quilter) did the quilting.   They were the winners of  Judge's prize.   It was so much fun to see these quilts in a national show after having seen them shown at one of our local RAFA meetings.

There were so, so many quilts that I could post here.....all of them unique in their own way.   This is one gorgeous one I saw.

The gradation of the fabrics and the thread in the machine quilting makes this quilt glow.   Each little segment is heavily stippled and it made each section look almost like felt.

This quilt is done by Betty Busby, part of a SAQA exhibit called "Layers of Memory".   It was very striking!.   Each of the sections is separately constructed and then added to a purple quilt - almost like a quilt on a quilt.   The crevices and forgotten memories, is so powerful.

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