Wednesday, April 4, 2012

6x6 maybe...........

Every year our RAFA group in Rochester participates in the 6 x 6 challenge at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.   The goal is to make any type of art as long as it is 6 inches by 6 inches.   I can't remember how many they collected last year - from all over the world, but it is well over 1,000 - probably WELL over.

This might be my piece this year.   It is a sun print that I did a couple of years ago.   It is cyanotype with special fabric that you place in the sun to tranfer a design.  This was a snowflake stencil that I laid on top of the fabric, set in the sun, under glass, for approximately 15 minutes and then rinsed.   The dye under the stencil washes away leaving the lighter design.   Beyond that I emphasized the snowflakes with metallic thread and then "beaded the heck out of it".  You can't see the thread and all the beads, but they are prolific.

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