Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Yes, the Water Really is This Color!"

Everyone knows I went to Bermuda last year and I'm STILL creating quilts from the sights, sounds and colors I saw there.   This quilt is from that experience!
One of the things that impressed me the most was the color of the water.   We always see pictures of the turquoise waters, but it REALLY IS that color, or in this case "this" color!   I've always wanted to do a beach scene and I knew this would be it.   I used many different fabrics - a definite sky print, some stonehenge fabrics (in the water and the beach, some batiks, silks, a lame (however you spell that) and some laces, cheesecloth, yarns, beads, crystals and buttons.   It was fun to do and went together quickly (relatively speaking).

This is the cheesecloth, about halfway in the water covers another teal fabric with white dots, to which I added beads - denoting bubbles or whitecaps or whatever it is you see!

 Closeup of the buttons and beads to denote what you might find while walking on the beach.

Closeup of the lace and fuzzy yarn and beads to denote the foam you find at the waters edge!

This quilt was SO much fun to do!   As I said, it went together quickly and more times than not I find that those quilts are the ones I like the best and I think maybe show the best.   They practically make themselves!!!!

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