Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Clematis ......and........other fun!

The clematic by my mailbox is blooming heavily - taking over the whole mailbox.   I love it!!!!   Purple of course!   Actually, all 3 of my clematix are blooming right now - but this is the mailbox version!!!

 I knew I wanted to train it to go over the mailbox - it goes over, under and around!
 A little closer view!
 This is my favorite single blossom flower that I took yesterday.
 Then I decided to have fun in Photoshop with the liquify filter - still recognizeable, just a little more playful.
 OK, that wasn't enough.........time to play even more and add some "twirls and swirls:".   Really like this one, might have it printed!
Finally - a posterized view - just to highlight shadows, contrast etc.  

Photoshop is a lot of fun - if you have the time and patience to play.........and can remember what you did.

Given that my eyesight is still healing - this was something" big" on the screen to see.   Taking pictures has been good - easier to see things on the screen which are clearer with more detail.   Who knew????Still having a lot of trouble with print on the computer.   I do some emails, some Facebook posting , but really don't read  a lot, seems to be harder.   Typing here has been problematic!!!

Two of my friends with blogs - have a special section at the end.   I love both of their insights!!!  One says   "I Have Learned" and adds interesting, I have learned I will need to be patient with myself and with others!  

The other friend says  "I Am Thankful" - I am thankful today for good friends I could call in a pinch to help me out!!!!

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