Sunday, June 2, 2013

Iron Quilter - Art Quilt Intensity at the Quilt Show

Saturday I took part in my first ever Iron Quilter project.   This was part of the Genesee Valley Quilt Club show in Rochester.   At 10:00 we were introduced to the crowd, at 10:15 we were given a theme (which we didn't know ahead of time) called "A Disappearing Act".......and a pile of fabric and 3 hours in which to create a finished quilt.   After everyone made a mad dash to the fabric table we began to work........intensely........for 3 hours.   Most everyone was using every possible second until we were told to "put down our needles".   This was my creation called "Watch Me Disappear" (a song title by the group 32 Leaves).   My theme was the disappearing leaves every fall!

 Fortunately, I had packed the perfect fabric (we could bring 3 of our own fabrics) for a background!

 I love thread work so you can see real leaves from fabric, and thread work leaves that disappear even more.  Notice the top left corner leaf seems to have a portrait silhouette......from someone who believes she was "born to live in nature"!

 More disappearing leaves in pinks, purples and reds.

I wasn't the "big" winner, or even second or third.....but......if you know me and my personality, you will know that I am methodical, organized, take much time to ponder everything hoping it is just right.   Therefore, I consider myself the "BIG" winner because I finished (without a nervous breakdown)!!!!!

It was a good show for me!   I entered 3 quilts and 2 won ribbons!!   I was thrilled and honored!

 "L'Autumno" won "Best Interpretation of Theme" for the Nature behind Bars Exhibit!

"Then...the Crocus" won in the art quilt division!!!

 This was my digital manipulated Bird of Paradise - just finished in time for the show.   This was from a class given by Julie Brandon and printed by her at Red Dog Enterprises.   You can find more information about Julie and her business at   A lot of threadwork and bead embellishments complete the quilt.

Both of my quilts, for judges comments, mentioned excellent use of embellishments as a positive!   Both also mentioned excellent quilting design and execution!!!!   You can't see either in these pictures......but always good to know our hard work is noticed!   As I said - it was a good show!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations, Elaine!!! And a big Brava for braving the Iron Quilter challenge. You're a winner in my eyes. Diane

  2. I love your Bird of Paradise! The judges were spot on. Congratulations which are well deserved! Hugs, Karen