Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flowers and flowers - no quilting

Eye surgery this past week has stopped my quilting - DEAD IN ITS TRACKS!    I have finished one, but can't show here as it is a gift!

I have been taking pictures of some of my flowers.....through the camera lens and up close - they are quite visible!   I have a yellow columbine that is just gorgeous.   It is tall - with lovely "lemony" flowers!

 The leaves on the canna lilies are starting to unfurl.   Strange looking little things, but the colors are quite nice.
 The first coneflower is in bloom.  
 This is the clematis "covering" the mailbox - this was taken late in the evening with the west sun from behind the flowers.   Unfortunately, this clematis doesn't seem to stay in bloom as long as some others.
The lantana in pots..........they have been absolutely soaked with all the rains.   I move them to a more sheltered spot in the heavy rains, but they are doing well.   The colors attest to the fact they must like the water!!!!

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