Monday, September 30, 2013

"Autumn Candles". Birch trees art quilt

I seem to be in a birch tree theme this year.   This is my second one -an autumn theme,

This is the water color painting - that I saw somewhere - that inspired this latest quilt.  

About the same time I decided to do this quilt I saw an article on "tiling a background".  Since I wanted a lot of green, I decided that would work.   So I tiled green rectangles onto an orange leaf background ( no small feat I might add).  Then I raw edge appliquéd birch tree colored fabric.   I left some of the edges very raw for texture and dimension,   The splotchy red leaves are snippets of fabric...loosely quilted down with invisible thread and some edges left undone for more dimension.    I tried to add red beads....but the quilt didn't want it!  (Has your quilt ever talked to you like that?)

Very, very happy with the results, the overall look and how I really can tell it was inspired by the painting.

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