Sunday, January 19, 2014

Guild challenge quilts revealed!

My guild, does a challenge every year.   We always have a theme, the quilts are due at our January meeting and they then hang in the Richmond Library,, in Batavia, NY for the month of February.    This years challenge was named...."That Was Then", based on the year of our birth.    This is mine.....arrived at in a rather backwards fashion!

I wasn't going to do the challenge, I wasn't inspired.   Sometime in December a friend forwarded a photo to me, showing what he was working on.....he makes outdoor decorations for his tree ( in Florida no less) using CDs and fishing line.   This is the photo:

There was something about the shine of the CDs and the fishing line, contrasted with the roughness of the wicker basket....and a certain challenge or dare to see if I could interpret in fabric.   So, when I was mostly done, I thought....."now what".   I'm not a process person, I like a finished product.   So I started to think could I repurpose for the guild challenge.  Since it was a Christmas theme, I decided to see if any Christmas songs were written the year I was born.  Turns out that "Santa C.aus is Coming to Town" was written that year,   The version of "White Christmas" we know so well was arranged that year....and the last song "Near You" was the number one song the week I was born.  

Here are some close ups....

I added the poinsettia, fused from Angelina fibers and some bead work to fill in the blank space in the quilt.   I think it is the perfect touch for a Christmas quilt....turned challenge!

So, all of this is why I say I came to the challenge result "backwards"!

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