Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In Progress.....UFO quilt for guild challenge

My quilt Guild , is having a UFO (unfinished objects) be completed by August.   We could enter up to 5 quilts...I did 4, many did 5.   This is to spur us on to finish these things AND finish them for the quilt show in October.

This is the first one I am working on:

The center leaves are cyanotype....sun printed by me in my RAFA (Rochester Area Fibre Artists) group a few years ago.   It is a fun process and incredibly easy.   I had the center mostly put together but was stumped on a border,   Then I hit on an idea.   Piano keys border on 3 sides.  (YesI have a plan for the plain border).    Not bad until I decided to miter the corners!   Measure twice, cut once takes on a whole different meaning.   It's most like measure 53 times with some sewing and ripping out in between.   I still haven't cut away the excess.    Here is a close up of the border corner.   I like it, but it has taken me 2 days to get those borders on and mitered.

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