Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Circular Motion.....a quilt of circles and angles.

I saw the pattern for this quilt (Rythmic by Sew Karen-ly Created) and was so taken by its contrast of colors and use of circles and angles. I knew I wanted to make it, but mostly I wanted to make it to do the feather quilting.  It was a great learning experience.....far from perfect, but it's done!   Piecing circles was hard, joining all of them with multitude of seams was hard, but the hardest was the binding.   I am most proud of the quilting...totally free motion and unmarked!

This is center of the quilt, feather wreath

I learned to free motion quilt feathers upside down when needed so as not to bunch the quilt in the machine.   I think you would have a hard time determining which is which....right side up or upside down!

And, the center diamond shapes!

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  1. Hi, Elaine; Someone directed me to your blog to see your purple version of my Rhythmic design - it's gorgeous! I am wondering if you would allow me to post pictures of your quilt on my blog? It looks so different than my original red version - I love it!!
    Thanks, Karen