Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amherst Quilt Show.

Yesterday I went to the Amherst guild quilt show near Buffalo.   It was a wonderful sunny day (which was long overdue) with a couple of good friends.   The day was easy and relaxing and a stop for ice cream topped it off just perfectly.

There were more than a few quilts that caught my eye....but here are a few!

Ina Randall is one of my favorites from that guild.....this is her take on the ever familiar beach scene so many of us do.   She uses some unusual items.

The modern quilt movement is big right now and they had several of them,   The big part of this movement is the use if negative space.   Some used it quite well, others.....not so much.

This "orchard" was my favorite:

Another favorite because of color was this one.

And a couple of others...just because I liked them.

I liked the use if circles for the tree in this one,

This is a wooden puzzle made by one of a member's husband,   It is an auction item and sure to go for big bucks!

Finally.....this was my favorite "do not touch the quilts" sign!

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