Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finished quilt for guild UFO challenge

In preparation for our quilt show thus year, my guild, Museum Quild Guild ( is hosting a UFO challenge.  We could sign up for 5 quilts. For each one we finish, we are eligible to enter a drawing for a prize.  This week I finished my first one.  

I had the center done for a long time but couldn't decide how to finish it.  The center uses some sun printed leaves.  I purchased the specially treated fabric from, laid leaves on the squares and left in the sun for 15 min.  The part not covered darkens and the leaf print occurs under the plant leaves. 

I could not decide the border but had seen an idea somewhere where the one border was apiqued leaves and the rest was pieced.  I used the technique called "piano keys" for the other 3 borders.  It is pretty heavily quilted!   I added some beads to highlight the leaf quilting on the appliqués border. 

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  1. This quilt is very pretty! Love the subtle shifts in colors. Very nice!!!!