Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Busy, busy, busy......

I've been busy sewing and sewing and sewing....but I can't show any pictures as it is for a commissioned quilt which a friend asked me to do for a gift for her sister.   Not that my blog is so widely read.....but I figure I shouldn't take the chance.

My granddaughter has been in a local theater production of Dracula the Musical.   I have enjoyed having her at my house between rehearsals, staying over night, coming for dinner,   Also my daughter and grandson have been here almost every night waiting for her to be done rehearsals.   I miss them.

My middle grandson is active as a young explorer in their hometown fire department.   It is a passion of his and you can tell it is in his blood.   There was a huge monster for in their hometown this weekend and my grandson was found in one of the photos.  This picture makes my heart burst with pride.

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