Friday, November 14, 2014

Being Inspired Doors & Windows

I don't know why, but I seem to be attracted to doors and windows....the more run down the better,   I happened upon a website where the artist was doing windows.   I decided I wanted to take it one step further and do doors.   But I decided to play first and did a small piece, featuring a window....a run down building, a dilapidated window, a pile of old rocks.   I worked on the piece just using those 3 ideas and decided it still needed a pop....or something to be a bit brighter,   I added greenery with the theory that even old run down buildings have lots of living greenery and flowers, despite the abandonment of the building.   Am I done?   I don't know,   

I alternated strips of cotton fabric, not measured, sometimes using a 1/4 inch seams, sometimes not,   Then I cut a big square for the window and backed it with cotton and painted create the look of glass that might be there, might be knocked out, and might just be a shadow,   There is also cheesecloth in the bottom corner.   The pile of rocks is done with gold thread on gray fabric.   Very, very happy with how that came out,   Free motion greenery arises from behind and between the rocks.   Finally, I dabbed Shiva Oilsticks in gray to weather the shutters.   

As I said....this is mostly a practice piece,   I have photos I have taken of other old buildings that. At show up next.   I've never worked in a series before.   This could be a first!

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