Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beads.Love 'em, hate 'em.

Shoot me if I ever try something like this again.   While I love the results (and of course I don't mean to literally shoot me), I'd be nuts to do this again.

This is called "Right Angle Weave" - size 8 beads, 50 of them in 3 rows.  4 beads form a circle and you do 6 "circles" across and then start the next row.

The finished bead when the above figure is sewn together, end to end.   I have it on the end of a small pair of Fiskars spring-action scissors so you can see just how small it is.

This started out to be a beaded scissor fob project in a small group I'm in.   I won't be doing many of these - the beads are too small, my eyes are too old and my hands - well, just forget them.

I like it, but can't do very many of them.

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