Monday, January 18, 2010

Challenge Quilt

Our guild challenge this year was to use colors of fabrics that begin with our initials.   We could even find paint chips, or whatever to verify our choices.   Some people were very creative.   Some found the paint chips first and went from there, I found the fabric first.....and worked backwards.    Here is my picture - I'll explain my choices below:

I saw a picture similar to this on a calendar.   I knew I had this fabric so I then cut out tree branches to hang OVER the water (some people thought this was upside down) so they would appear in silhouette.   I called it "Sunrise over the Water".  The crystals represent dew drops that are falling from the tree into the water.   I quilted in circles around the crystals 
to represent ripples in the water.   The rest is quilted to show movement in the water. 

My initials are E-M-J-R.   My colors are Emerald, Ebony, Mantis Green, Jade and the binding is the exact color of a nail polish by Nicole called "Respect Our World".

There was a saying on the calendar by Lao Tsu:  "If we let go of what we are, we become what we might be."   I like that and used the dew drops or crystals to represent that saying.

Prize or not...........I really love this quilt!

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