Saturday, January 9, 2010

This week's big accomplishment (so far) was to finish my challenge quilt for our guild challenge which is due on Jan. 16.   Woo hoo - 10 days ahead of the deadline!!!!   The big joke in guild is that everyone is still sewing on the bindings at the turn-in meeting!!!!   Bug, I digress.   I'll post a picture after it is turned in (not that I expect anyone reads my blog and will actually see it before then).

I hae another quilt almost finished which coincidentally could do for the challenge.   I had not intended it for such, but maybe I will turn it in anyway.  

The challenge is to make a quilt using colors of our initials.   We can be as creative as we want in finding colors - such as using paint chips that begin with our initials.   I even found a nail polish.   Woo hoo!!!

My goals for the weekend (quilting wise):

     1.  Finish that other possible challenge quilt
     2.  Put the binding on my large bed quilt
     3.  1/2 hr. per day decluttering that messy quilt room

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