Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Flowers

I really need to finish something- quilting wise - to post here.   But, I seem to be stuck, for whatever reason.   I did a lot of sunprints and am trying to do something with those - but my sewing room is a mess and there is too much "non-sewing/quilting" stuff that has gotten put in there temporarily and so I hate to even venture in the room.   Anyway - I took these pics this morning.  We had a good rainstorm last night, and I like all the raindrops or waterdrops still on the flowers.

The most perfectly formed little pink waterlily I have seen in our water garden.

Look how it is centered so nicely between 3 of the lily leaves.

Part of the Convoluvulos plant Martha gave us.   My flower is SOOOOOO small.

I can't remember what this is...........SIGH

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