Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rust Transfer - how fun!!!!

I tried to find a "quote" about the beauty of rust.....but no ones seems to think there can be any beauty in rust. I beg to differ. This is rust transfer or rust dyeing onto fabric. My friend Kathi, who has the best source of fun shaped metal objects to experiment with, brought this home from her job. It was a large circular something (?) - completely rusted. Look at the different colors, textures, swirls etc.

We laid white fabric over the object, spritzed it totally with vinegar water, smoothed it out and put it into a plastic bag for heat. After several days, this was the transfer. What to do with it!!!!! My husband says it is perfect just the way it is.

Look at the perfect center and all the texture around it. How can you not see beauty here?  On the right, Kathi says the dark spots are where the fabric absorbed actual rust from the rusted object.

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  1. I'm a rust lover also. I just demolished a rusty planter and looking forward to placing pieces of it onto some canvas to see what happens.