Monday, March 12, 2012

More quilts that inspire me!

This quilt was part of a display by B. J. Titus at the New Jersey Quiltfest.    I love the colors, bright things really appeal to me.   I would love to have her come to do a workshop/lecture for my quilt guild.

 This quilt was titled:   What if  Global Warming is for Real!   The quilt was inspired by a photo in a park NYC taken by the quiltmaker.   If Global Warming is real, there will be no more pretty scenes like this.
 The quilt was done by a group, in 6 sections.   Each person was given a section of a picture to replicate in a quilt.   They were given dimensions and a picture and then they had to make it all fit together.   My art group did something like this.
This is another group quilt - I'd love to do in my art quilt group.   Each person was given a color pallette to interpret a flower.  The quilts were then all attached to one strip, at the top, with buttons that looked like flowers.   I just love it!


  1. I would like to do the last challenge too...interesting concept.

  2. I hope I find equally inspiring work tomorrow!

  3. I hope I find equally inspiring works tomorrow!